From Miami Steve to Norway Johnny

I’ve been a Steve Van Zandt fan for a long time, so when I learned he was starring in a new series available only on Netflix, I had to check it out.

While Steve was Steve, the significance of the series isn’t in the story or the setting.  Lillyhammer is Netflix’s first foray into acquired or original content, and a leading indicator of the further fracturing of our media habits.

With news of YouTube channels, original Hulu productions and productions of all sorts available on Vimeo, one has to wonder whether we need “TV networks” (as we’ve known them) anymore.

When a producer or director can fund their project on Kickstarter, then manage their own distribution, it’s clear big changes lie ahead.

But here’s what we can be pretty sure of:  Distribution is no longer a gating factor. Marketing (finding an audience) is more challenging than ever. And content remains king.

There’s no guarantee good content will be found. But I can assure you <cat and baby videos aside> less-than-compelling content is quickly forgotten.